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Do individual stocks result in higher alpha? "Fundamentals of Efficient Factor Investing" (7 comments)

  • Should advisors avoid using low-cost funds to build a factor-based portfolio? Is it possible to build better portfolios with individual stocks than with a fund or ETF?
  • The Demise of the Fiduciary Rule is a Bonanza for Advisors – started by Dan Solin (5 comments)

  • How will the new administration’s opposition to the DOL fiduciary rule impact the wealth management industry? Should advisors whoare currently fiduciaries use this opportunity to differentiate themselves by highlighting their commitment to the highest standard in the profession?
  • Is a Total Market Fund the Most Diversified Portfolio? – started by Larry Swedroe (27 comments)

  • Is diversification a matter of owning enough individual securities, or should portfolios be diversified in other ways? How can advisors assess the additional costs of factor-based portfolios relative to a market-cap portfolio?