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Robos are Taking Away Our Jobs (and it’s not just advisors) – started by Michael Edesess (7 comments)

  • Are recent advances in automation another instance of creative destruction, or will the robotization of manufacturing and service professions eliminate more jobs than it creates? How are technological innovations affecting the financial advisory business?
  • The biggest threat to Wealth advisors? And the winner is...Women – started by Chartlotte Beyer (3 comments)

  • What factors are responsible for the historical under representation of women in the advisory profession? How are advisors changing their practices in response to the recent growth in investable assets controlled by women?
  • Were Fama and French Right about Value and Size? An Ex-Post Test – started by Larry Swedroe (31 comments)

  • Is the value premium being arbitraged away? Should advisors be concerned about the popularity-driven demand for value and small-cap strategies?